Tip of the week – bike washing

One of the most important ways to keep your bike running smoothly is to wash it often . It will save both money and frustration as it will improve chain wear and show up most minor problems before they develop into major ones . Here’s how to do it properly !

What you will need : bikewash 022

A medium sized bucket filled with luke warm water if possible and a good squeeze of washing up liquid .A set of brushes.

Water soluble degreaser such as finish line citrus degreaser or the 5 litre tin of Jizer which is great value and will last for ages.

A tin of water displacement spray oil such as GT85 or WD40

A large car wash sponge

A bottle of chain lube

A number of old towels ( not new clean white ones from the bathroom which may cause a period of all picture and no sound)



bikewash 023

Remove all extra items such as pump , saddle bag and computer .

bikewash 024bikewash 026

Fill a small container such as half a water bottle with degreaser and proceed to use a stiff bristled brush to agitate the dirt on the chain , cassette and chainrings and derailleurs .

bikewash 032

Also use a small amount of degreaser on the brakes and around the headset area to remove any stubborn dirt . It must be a water soluble degreaser as petrol or any other non water soluble degreaser will leave a film of oil which will be dangerous on the brakes and messy on the chain .

bikewash 055

Now use a loose bristled brush to wash all of the areas which have been degreased with the soapy water . The water and degreaser mix will often turn pink and you will be able to see it all along with the dirt just melt from the bike.

bikewash 086

Next use a larger brush all over the bike to remove any large bits  of dirt .

bikewash 088

Now beginning with the saddle and working down along the bike use the car sponge to clean the whole bike with liberal amounts of soapy water .

bikewash 103

When cleaning the wheels pay particular attention to the tyres to spot any cuts or pieces of glass in the tyre .

bikewash 113

The chain should now be nice and clean from the degreasing and brushing but be sure to run it through the soapy sponge with plenty of water also .

bikewash 121

Now use a hose or a few buckets of clean water to rinse the bike .

bikewash 129

Again beginning with the saddle dry the bike completely .

bikewash 138

When drying the wheels and tyres  again check for glass or cuts . Glass can be removed using a sharp pointed object and any holes or cuts may be filled with super glue .

bikewash 143

After drying off the chain spray it with the water displacement lubricant and dry off again .

bikewash 145

The chain will now be very clean and dry so the lube should now be applied whilst rotating the chain . Any excess should be wiped off using a rag .

bikewash 157

Spray some gt85 or wd40 on to the derailleurs and a small amount on the brake pivots . Also spray into any bolt heads which contain water . Wipe off any excess .

bikewash 166

Refit the wheels and run through the gears to check that they are working correctly . Also pump tyres to desired pressure and refit pump etc .

bikewash 168

Now your good to go on a cleaner smoother running machine which you will enjoy all the more . The whole process only takes twenty to thirty minutes and should be done once per week if possible .

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